EMC EPP Microwave Absorbers

Expect the Best from EMC EPP Microwave Absorbers. Unbreakable, Clean test site, 35+ years of electrical performance with Broadband frequency range of operation from 80 MHz to 100 GHz

EMC Ultra-premium high performance Polypropylene Microwave Absorbers are made of molding process and State-of-the-art carbon synthesis process to ensure extremely high uniformity of carbon powder density throughout the absorber. EMC-PP-PY-MI series microwave absorbers provide excellent performance in normal incidence and off angle incidence in Antenna test chambers.


  • Broadband Frequency Range of Operation from 80 MHz to 100 GHz
  • Power Handling Capacity of 1.5 kW/m or 725 V/m
  • Fire Retardant as per NRL-8093 tests 1, 2, 3, UL94 HBF, DIN 4102 Class B2
  • Maximum Service Temperature up to 100o
  • 0% toxic gas emission
  • Cleanroom equipment suitable per ISO 14644 Class 5
  • Strong mechanical properties of these absorbers need decent amount of pressure to break. It’s almost unbreakable in day to day testing activities
  • Plug and pull installation, Long product life with excellent Electrical Performance
  • Guaranteed performance with repeatable test results