Backed by more than a Decade of proven product testing and certification expertise, businesses, consumers and regulatory authorities around the globe recognize the trusted rigor of technical and functional excellence.

Our comprehensive service includes certifications support of a product, facility, process or system to industry-wide standards and requirements recognized by Certification Bodies (CB’s). To help ensure our customers the long-term advantages of a Certification Bodies (CB’s) certification, we work closely with customers to provide tactical surveillance and re-evaluation using defined requirements, processes and schedules for reassessment or re-evaluation.

From sustainability to product safety to personnel certification and beyond, across industries and markets we help customers streamline compliance challenges and sharpen their competitive edge.


  • Component Certification

  • Data Acceptance Program

  • Environmental Product Declaration

  • Performance Certification

  • Personnel Certification

  • Pre-certification Review

  • Safety Certification

  • Third-Party Regulatory Approval



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