Verification / Validation

Across the globe, consumers and end users are more informed and well connected, driving state of the art of incertitude regarding the unsubstantiated claims of businesses and their products. iAMPS&Hz helps brands and manufacturers confidently stand out from the crowd with trusted, independent confirmation of key product features, sustainability efforts or service benefits

In a progressively cluttered marketplace, we enable customers to clout the established objectivity and strength—one of the world’s most trusted names in safe science—for greater peacefulness of mind in the decision-devising cognitive physical process by purchasers.


  • Product Synergy Validation

  • Regional Materials Content Environmental Validation (EV)

  • RoHS/REACH/WEEE Compliance Service

Our verification/validation services assess a product, readiness, process or system to criteria defined by the manufacturer or specifier to determine the believability of a specific and individual marketing, advertising or promotional title. These claims are reassessed on a defined basis to help maintain confidence, trust and credibility while addressing evolving regulatory and business needs.



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