Pyramidal Hybrid Absorber

DMC-PU-PY-HY Series - 30MHz to 40GHz

DMC offers premium quality high performance Polyurethane(PU) Hybrid absorbers made of carbon impregnated low density Polyurethane foam and comes in various size and color. Our PY-HY series absorbers provide excellent performance in normal incidence and off angle incidence in Anechoic chamber with excellent impedance matching with Ferrite tiles and support wide frequency bands of operation up to 40 GHz.

Part number reference: DMC-PU-PY-HY-200, DMC-PU-PY-HY-300, DMC-PU-PY-HY-500, DMC-PU-PY-HY-700, DMC-PU-PY-HY-1000