Proper Thermal management is a extremely important part of any electronic/electrical equipment for not just the equipment itself but for humans too. iAMPS & Hz offers Thermal testing services for such devices/equipments to safeguard them.


iAMPS & Hz provides comprehensive pre-compliance testing services for EMI/EMC (Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Compatibility) to the wireless, embedded, IT industries in the following areas:

  • Radiation Emission.
  • Radiation Susceptibility.
  • Conducted Emission.
  • Conducted Susceptibility.
  • Diagnostics and Problem Isolation.


We provide testing services to make the equipments/devices compliant with the national and notable international safety regulations.


iAMPS & Hz offers reliable and accurate far field antenna measurements using the state of art Indoor and Outdoor open antenna range facilities available at the TIFAC Core in Wireless Technologies. iAMPS & Hz is your one stop destination for complete antenna testing requirements. We offer complete end to end antenna testing services starting from passive radiation pattern related measurements to active measurements. The state of art facilities coupled with the highly skilled human resources will make your antenna testing experience with iAMPS & Hz very unique and special.



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