iAMPS & Hz has the state of art test facility for EMI/EMC measurements. The EMI/EMC chamber is a 4 m X 4 m X 3 m ferrite shielded chamber constructed by Siepel. Ferrite absorbers are installed in the anechoic chamber. The testing facility is fully automated by Agilent EMI/EMC measurement system such as EMI Receivers and EMC Pre-compliance Analyzers and the EMI/EMC measurement software.


We can simulate very hot environments to extremely cold environments to test Themal management of equipments and provide proper advice to fix any issues. Check also Thermal products.


Enabled by the rich antenna and RF research carried out over the years and equipped by the world class infrastructure at Madurai consisting of state of the art antenna & RF test facilities, iAMPS can help you with testing of the antenna/RF on a real time environment.



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