active loop antenna
Active Loop Antennas >>

We engineered Com-Power AL-130R Active Loop Antennas for emissions testing for the range of 9 kHz to 30 MHz. With its remote access, you can monitor and control the antenna from as far as 30 mtrs.

active monopole antenna
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Com-Power Active Monopole (or rod) Antenna is designed exclusively for use as an EMI test antenna, typically in a shielded or screened room. Ideal for determining compliance with MIL-STD-461 or DO-160 standards, it features a frequency range of 9 ...

biconical antenna
Biconical Antennas >>

Com-Power biconical antennas are ideal for vertical and horizontal normalized site attenuation (NSA) measurements, as well as for emissions and immunity testing to a wide range of FCC, CISPR, EN and other standards.

combilog antenna
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The Com-Power AC-220 CombiLog Antenna is optimized for emission and immunity testing. Combining biconical and log technologies, it can reduce testing time by as much as 30%.

dipole antenna set
Dipole Antennas >>

Considered a reference antenna for EMI testing, we designed the AD-100 tuned dipole antenna set to American National Standard C63.4 specifications. Use it to calibrate other antennas or for EMI test site calibrations.

horn antennas
Horn Antennas >>

Use Com-Power horn antennas for emissions measurements and immunity testing. We offer both passive and active horn antennas and accessories for EMI testing. All of our horn antennas feature high gain and sensitivity, and our active configurations ...

log periodic antenna
Log Periodic Antennas >>

Log periodic antennas make excellent EMC broadband test antennas for verifying compliance with worldwide regulatory requirements. Lightweight and compact, but rugged enough for use in any environment, Com-Power products reliably deliver a smooth r...

passive loop antenna
Passive Loop Antennas >>

Com-Power manufactures three passive loop antennas specifically for MIL-STD-461, RE101, radiated emissions, magnetic field; and RS101, radiated susceptibility, magnetic field.

van veen triple loop antenna system
Van Veen Triple Loop Antenna >>

The ALT-930-2M is a Triple large loop antenna system (LAS) used for magnetic field induced-current measurement in X, Y & Z planes from 9 kHz to 30 MHz as specified in CISPR 15 (EN55015) & CISPR 16-1-4.