Radio Frequency Testing

RF Testing simulates multiple radio frequencies across the spectrum to ensure devices with integrated wireless technologies function as expected. The safe and effective use of radio frequency is crucial for all devices with integrated wireless technologies. Our Labs helps you conform to various international and country-specific regulations for RF depending upon the usage of the device. With several years of experience and trained engineers from pre-compliance to final certification, we ensure that all your wireless devices are ready for the global markets.


iAMPS & Hz along with partner lab is one stop solution for Wi-Fi Pre-Certification, Certification, and Technical Consulting. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED is an internationally recognized trademark owned by the Wi-Fi Alliance – the industry standards body for Wi-Fi technology. The presence of this logo on your product indicates that it has met industry-agreed standards for Wi-Fi interoperability, security, and seamless user experience.

The certification ensures reduced field defects, reduced support costs, higher consumer satisfaction, and increased sales. The supported Wi-Fi Certification programs include 802.11n, WPA2, WMM, WPA3, Security improvements, WPS, Wi-Fi Direct, WMM-AC, Voice Enterprise, WMM-PS, 802.11ac, PMF, Passpoint, Miracast, and many more.


Flawless working for the end customer and adherence to the regulatory norms and standards is of utmost importance for any manufacturer . iAMPS Electromagnetic Compatibility test analyzes the ability of electrical and electronic equipment to operate as intended,. EMI / EMC Testing enables manufacturers to diagnose and fix unexpected electromagnetic interference as well as compatibility which may lead to failures/ redesigning / non complience issues.

We offer in-depth consulting services right from the design stage of the product to help it adhere to different industry-specific, international and country-specific test standards such as IEC, CISPR, EN, ETSI, CFR, ISO, ITU-T, GR-1089-CORE, DO-160, MIL-STD-461, and MIL-STD-704. Our lab partnered infrastructure consists of 10m and 3m anechoic chamber for radiated emissions/immunity test and other EMC test facilities for conducted emissions/ immunity upto 40GHz , Radiated susceptibility (upto 200v/m ) , ESD, EFT, voltage dips, ring wave, power,HEMP, and pulse magnetic field. Additionally, we have a shielded Room, indirect lightning, and radio test facility for wireless devices.

We offers test services for EMI/EMC As per CISPR & IEC/EN, Safety , RF and Interface testing as per requirement of TEC. We also offer pre-compliance testing services to verify critical components of EMC compliance including radiated/conducted immunity and susceptibility to help ensure your project will meet all compliance requirements during the final evaluation. Our pre-compliance testing suite helps you identify product deficiencies and make design adjustments to avoid costly delays to market.


We have full fledged Indoor far field Test Facility with test Frequency Range: 0.8 GHz -18 GHz Size –8 x 4 x 4 meters Tx –Rx Distance -5 meters Validated as per Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) Standards The lab is equipped with Capabilities -Passive and Active Measurements for Radiation Pattern ,Efficiency, Gain and Directivity, Polarization and Axial ratio, Total Radiated Power (TRP) ,Effective Isotropic Sensitivity & Total Isotropic Sensitivity.

We also have Open Antenna Range Test Facility with 30 Meter Tall Tower Setup with Frequency Range: 0.7 GHz -6 GHz , 90 meters direct –tilted range and is equipped with lift which Handles weight up to 30 kgs and caddy for Triaxisrotation . The outdoor range has Capabilities for testing Base station Antenna measurements. Radar Measurements and Wireless Range measurements.

Extreme environments are sometimes unavoidable for both human and equipments , so it becomes necessary to test the equipment for fail proof functioning in such possible extreme conditions to ensure dependability on them .Iamps & Hz ensures speedy testing services for all environmental testing , if needed we design possible mounting jigs customised for the Equipment Under Test . Our test facility can evaluate how your products will operate in extreme conditions of temperature, humidity, pressure and corrosion. We have an extensive track record of testing industrial equipment for industries such as Defense, Aerospace, Automotive and Telecom, which are exposed to such conditions.

Climatic Test Chambers

  • Climatic Test Facility with a temperature control from -75°C to +180°C with a ramp rate of upto 10°C / min
  • Combined Low-High Chamber with Relative Humidity & Altitude upto 30mbar
  • Two different types of Dust Test Facilities
  • The Test Facility is capable of Conducting the following tests
    1. Low Temperature Test
    2. High Temperature Test
    3. Damp Heat Test / Humidity Test
    4. Altitude Test
    5. Temperature Cycling Test
    6. Thermal Shock
    7. Dust Test
    8. Rain Test
    9. Salt Corrosion
    10. Tropical Exposure
    11. lightning test
    12. Ingress protection testing (upto IP 68)


iAMPS&HZ is committed to provide the best services of Testing & certification of electrical products, ELECTRICAL WIRE & CABLES & Electrical Home Appliances, etc. We continuously improve our quality of Testing without any compromise on integrity. IAMPS&HZ partnered Electrical Safety Testing Laboratory is accredited by NABL and BIS. We provide Testing of electrical products covered under ELECTRICAL WIRE & CABLES , Electrical Home Appliances notified by Government of India in IS:14255-1995 Etc.



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